Doctor-patient talk: the missing piece

Complete the marketing puzzle. Hear directly from patients in the exam room via our proprietary
HCP-Patient Conversation Research. Understand patient journeys, preferences, and prescribing habits
that will maximize your brand's impact at the moment of care.

Understand the patient experience

Listen in as patients and doctors discuss treatment and uncover deep insights from authentic patient-doctor conversations.

Patient Experts

Hear how patients live with their disease and what truly matters to them. Ensure your brand addresses their chief concerns.

Patient Engagement

Discover how doctors present your product, how patients respond, and how they choose among options. Is access impacting prescribing?

Patient Centricity

Infuse your organization with the patient voice. Share key moments through audio clips, and build authentic, tailored findings.

Real-world examples

Gain a deeper understanding of the patient exam room experience.

How It Works


What you'll get

Deep insights

A comprehensive report with actionable recommendations for your brand

Access to recordings

Listen to unfiltered conversations and view transcripts in a secure portal

Uncover product differentiators

See firsthand how doctors present your product and competitors.

Understand prescribing dynamics

Gain insights into the final touchpoint of the patient journey

ZoomRx Advantages vs Verilogue

Selective recruiting

We target specific conversations at key moments of truth.

Custom platform

Easily navigate and analyze findings in real-time.

Thematic analysis

Gain actionable insights from conversation themes.

Prospective fielding

Get ahead of market trends with proactive research.

Complete the puzzle

Take the first step and unlock the power of patient-centric communication