From chaos to clarity

Complexity is woven into the DNA of drug launches. Brand Builder can help you quiet the chaos and realize the potential of your new drug.

Optimize your launch

Brand Builder is a comprehensive engagement strategy fueled by customized market research, strategic consulting, and actionable insights that power your launch at every stage

Know your audience

Unlock the desires and frustrations of both patients and healthcare professionals for a deep understanding of their unmet needs.

Arm your commercial teams

From market assessment to strategic positioning, get clear-cut insights that inform your core messaging and creative collateral.

Maximize research value

Craft a research program unique to your brand and budget. Ensure you get the maximum value from every dollar spent.

Enjoy confidence in clarity

Get actionable insights straight from patients and HCPs. Inform your entire brand strategy, giving you the confidence to make critical decisions about positioning, messaging, and collateral development.

How Brand Builder works

When you utilize ZoomRx's Brand Builder, you will have a partner to support your commercial teams through your brand's development process, through launch and beyond. A tailored research program is created that provides actionable insights that fit into a strategic framework to set your brand up for success.

Brand Builder, powered by PHYCURETM
Patient Target

What characteristics identify patients who are good candidates for your brand?

HCP Target

What characteristics identify physicians most likely to prescribe in higher volumes?

Yes Journey

What decision milestones and influencers shape behavourial Rx and complaince decisions?

Competitive Landscape

What other treatments do target HCPs consider for target patients when making RX decisions?

Unmet Needs

What functional and emotional needs are not sufficiently met by competitors?

Rational Benefits

What are the unique and relevant functional outcomes for target patients and HCP?

Emotional Benefits

What are the unique and relevant emotional benefits for target patients and HCP?

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Go from frenzied to focused

Don't let launch complexities dim the brilliance of your biopharma innovation. Partner with ZoomRx towards a future of success.