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Optimize your omnichannel customer engagement strategy
Customers are engaging with your brands across an increasingly diverse range of channels. An integrated cross-functional approach is critical to understanding and optimizing the full spectrum of this engagement.

Integrate a diverse, flexible range of data sources to answer your most pressing questions.

Field Force Effectiveness

Despite the industry’s rapid adoption of digital engagement techniques, one-to-one promotion remains critical. Using an industry-leading multi-touchpoint methodology, ZoomRx captures not only what happens during an HCP-rep interaction, but goes further to provide insight into what information is retained by HCPs and how it impacts their perceptions and behavior.

  • Get a full picture of every detail
  • Find out what makes a lasting impression
  • Benchmark performance vs. your market

Ensure your field force is being deployed most effectively within the context of your omnichannel strategy.

Digital Campaign Exposure Tracking

ZoomRx has partnered with leading digital healthcare marketers to provide real-time exposure and perception data for your brand’s digital campaigns. Track comprehensive, NPI-tagged digital campaign exposure, including:

  • Physician-level reporting on your target audience
  • Time, date, and frequency of exposure
  • Web location and device used
  • Impact of campaign exposure on key perceptions and behavior

Collect quantitative and qualitative insights directly from the HCPs encountering your digital content, to make the most out of your ongoing campaigns.

Non-Personal Promotion Effectiveness

Using a recall-based approach, ZoomRx tracks which NPP campaigns channels, and messages are retained by HCPs and their impact on perceptions and behavior. Get HCP-reported perspective on:

  • NPP reach and share of voice across your market
  • Perceived quality of your collateral
  • Competitor campaign content and HCP perception
  • Influence on treatment decisions and prescribing behavior

Identify which communications can be improved and how your field force and NPP strategy can work synergistically to fill gaps in communication and understanding.

PERxCEPT – Omnichannel Intelligence Reimagined

PERxCEPT enables marketers to see exactly what their customers see when they open their laptop or mobile device. These insights provide unprecedented visibility into the performance of your competitors’ digital strategy vs that of your own, leading to benchmarks that ultimately define the parameters for success in the omnichannel marketplace.

Example insights include:
  • WHAT digital content your competitors are placing on the web
  • WHEN and WHERE your competitors are placing digital content
  • HOW your digital strategy and share of voice stacks up against your competitors

See how PERxCEPT can uncover the strengths and weaknesses of your brand’s omnichannel presence.

Define what success looks like
There is no one-size-fits-all solution for the omnichannel world. ZoomRx's customer engagement solutions enable continuous benchmarking of your performance against in-market competitors, allowing you to fully define what "success" looks like in your market.
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Center of Excellence
ZoomRx’s Customer Engagement Center of Excellence is a team of cross-functional experts focused on developing new solutions and integrating diverse data sets to solve your most challenging customer engagement problems. The team works to increase understanding of the rapidly-changing customer engagement landscape and to connect the dots between your promotional efforts and their downstream impact on prescribing behavior.