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Media Tracking empowers you with a complete view of physician (HCP) and patient media engagement across all screens, from TV to social media. You gain real-time insights into engagement, sentiment, and impact to optimize your campaigns for maximum success.

Unify your media efforts

Digital Tracker

  • Know exactly what HCPs see across all channels
  • Uncover hidden patterns and competitor insights
  • Benchmark your performance and craft targeted campaigns
  • Eliminate fragmented and siloed media measurement

TV Tracker

  • See what patients truly watch on TV

  • Custom panels match your target audience

  • Track real-time viewing across all platforms

  • Hyper-target ad placement for maximum reach
Digital Tracker
TV Tracker

See the whole picture with Digital and TV together

  • How your media strategy drives business outcomes.
  • Insight into sales funnel growth, brand perception, and multi-screen activity
  • Benchmarks to use against competitors and refine your strategy
  • Where HCPs and patients engage with your brand
  • What truly resonates with your target audience
  • The effectiveness of your campaigns across all channels

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